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BedLock Safety Products, LLC takes pride in its industry expertise and high-quality products. We aim to provide you with affordable and premium-quality safety products so you never have to worry about the safety of your dump truck ever again.

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Our Top Notch Products

Our safety products are designed by industry-leading experts and then crafted with meticulous attention to detail with the most high-quality supplies. We offer a range of cargo control products and truck repair and safety equipment, and our team will go above and beyond to ensure that we help you find the safety products that meet all of your complex needs.


The BL-450A/B is one of our most popular safety products. This one-of-a-kind BedLock can fit up to a 4-1/2” dump truck frame and has an “A” and a “B” top. It can be used on any single or tandem axle dump truck and even on smaller dump trailers. It has a loading rate of 50,000 Lbs.


The BL-600A/B, another customer favorite, can be used on most full-sized dump trailers and roll-offs.


This BedLock can fit up to a 7” truck frame. It is commonly used by trailers and can be customized according to your unique needs and requirements.


Also known as the “Notched BedLock”, this is a custom-ordered safety product that consists of a shortened based plate with reinforced supports so it can be attached to dump trucks. This product is specially created for trucks that have a limited frame since it has additional devices bolted to the frame.


The Safety Product

At BedLock Safety Products, LLC, we provide the most high-quality and carefully crafted truck repair safety products at competitive rates. As a truck safety equipment manufacturer, our team of dedicated safety product experts has in-depth knowledge and industry expertise on dump truck and truck repair equipment.

We can help you find the most suitable and appropriate dump truck and truck repair safety products that will work perfectly for you!

Feel free to reach out to us at any time! We will be more than happy to provide you with any required information.

Since we're a truck safety equipment manufacturer, we also take custom order requests! Just drop us a message and leave the rest to us..

Safeguard Your Vehicles

BedLock Safety Products is your one-stop shop for all truck safety products!


What is our mission?

We aim to offer a range of high-quality truck safety products and help our customers find the most suitable products that meet their individual needs and requirements.

Apart from our unique truck safety products, our focus is on excellent customer support and having a staff that can provide you with unrivaled knowledge of all the BedLock products.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now to learn more about our BedLock products!

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