All You Need to Know About The Notched BedLock

Keeping technicians safe during truck repairs is paramount. This is especially true for dump trucks, where raised beds pose a significant risk of accidental lowering during maintenance. For dump trucks with limited frame access due to additional equipment, traditional truck bed locks might not be a viable option.

Here’s where the Notched BedLock comes in – a specialized safety solution from BedLock Safety Products, LLC.

What is the Notched BedLock?

The Notched BedLock is a custom-ordered truck bed lock system designed specifically for dump trucks with limited frame space. Unlike standard bed locks that attach directly to the truck frame, the Notched BedLock features a shortened base plate on one side.

This allows it to fit around obstructions like additional hydraulic components, exhaust systems, or toolboxes that might be bolted or welded to the frame.

Key Features of the Notched BedLock:

  • Customizable Design: The shortened base plate ensures compatibility with trucks that have limited frame access due to additional equipment.
  • Reinforced Supports: Despite the shortened base, the Notched BedLock maintains its structural integrity. Reinforced supports compensate for the reduced base plate size, ensuring the system can safely restrain the dump bed during maintenance.
  • Easy Installation: Even with its custom design, the Notched BedLock is engineered for a smooth and efficient installation process.
  • Enhanced Safety: Like traditional bed locks, the Notched BedLock prevents accidental lowering of the dump bed during repairs and maintenance. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries to technicians working underneath the bed.
  • Durability: Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Notched BedLock is built to withstand harsh working conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Benefits of Using the Notched BedLock:

For fleet managers and shop owners of dump trucks with limited frame access, the Notched BedLock offers several key benefits:

  • Improved Workplace Safety: By preventing accidental bed lowering, the Notched BedLock minimizes the risk of injuries to technicians, promoting a safer work environment.
  • Compliance with Regulations: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations mandate employers to take steps to prevent falls from heights during maintenance activities. The Notched BedLock helps shops comply with these regulations by securing the dump bed and preventing technicians from working under an unsecured load.
  • Reduced Downtime: Accidents during repairs can lead to significant downtime for repairs and potential worker’s compensation claims. The Notched BedLock helps prevent such incidents, keeping your fleet operational and minimizing downtime.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your technicians are working in a safe environment with the bed securely locked provides peace of mind for fleet managers and shop owners.

Who Needs the Notched BedLock?

The Notched BedLock is the ideal solution for any dump truck fleet or repair shop that encounters challenges with traditional bed locks due to limited frame access. This includes trucks with:

  • Auxiliary hydraulic systems: Many dump trucks utilize additional hydraulic systems for snow plows, winches, or other attachments. These systems can be mounted onto the frame, limiting space for standard bed lock installation.
  • Aftermarket exhaust systems: Upgraded exhaust systems are often installed on dump trucks for improved performance. The placement of these systems can sometimes obstruct the frame, making traditional bed locks difficult to mount.
  • Welded toolboxes: For added convenience, some dump trucks have toolboxes permanently welded to the frame. The Notched BedLock can accommodate such modifications without compromising safety.

The Notched BedLock from BedLock Safety Products, LLC offers a unique solution for dump trucks with limited frame access. By prioritizing safety and complying with regulations, it empowers fleet managers and shop owners to create a safer work environment for their technicians.

If you manage a dump truck fleet and encounter challenges with traditional bed locks, consider the Notched BedLock as a reliable and effective way to keep your workplace safe and your operations running smoothly.

At BedLock Safety Products, we provide a wide range of truck repair safety equipment, including dump bed safety support, dump body safety stands, and truck body props.

Contact us today for more details.

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