The BedLock Difference: Why Our Safety Products Stand Out in the Industry

BedLock Safety Products, LLC, is a leading dump truck safety equipment manufacturer, offering a revolutionary solution to enhance safety during routine maintenance and repairs. With our BedLock dump safety products, your team can work confidently, knowing that the body safety prop securely holds the dump bed in place, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. This blog explains how our truck safety equipment stands out in the industry.

The BedLockDump Safety Device System

Our flagship product, the BedLock Dump Safety Device System, is designed to secure dump trucks, trailers, and roll-offs in an upright position. Equipped with two chains, hooks, and a double key slot retention plate, this safety system ensures that maintenance tasks such as cleaning, greasing, or cylinder replacement can be performed without fear of the bed falling and causing harm to workers.

Versatility and Product Offerings

BedLock dump safety products consist of a range of dump body safety props to cater to various types of dump trucks.

From 4-1/2″ wide to 9″ wide frames, our truck bed locks fit single and tandem axle framed dump trucks, refuse roll-offs, and medium to large off-road haul trucks. Our commitment to providing top-of-the-line safety equipment extends to other industries, too, as we continuously develop safety products to meet diverse needs.

A History of Excellence

Founded in 2021, BedLock Safety Products has been at the forefront of dump truck safety and innovation. In 2022, we further improved our BedLockDump Safety Device System by adding additional chains, hooks, and a double key slot retention plate. These enhancements significantly increased the product’s strength and securing methods, setting us apart from the competition.

Our Mission and Commitment To Truck Safety

Our mission at BedLock Safety Products, LLC is to supply the truck repair industry with only the finest and safest products. We uphold the highest standards and integrity in all our business practices, ensuring our customers receive reliable and effective safety solutions.

The BedLock Advantage

Our patented design under US utility patent 6905174 sets us apart, coupled with the double key slot retention plate that offers unparalleled securing options. Unlike other equipment body safety props using single steel plates at weak points, we use 2-inch x 3-inch steel tubes for maximum strength and support.

It’s this dedication to safety that makes the BedLock dump safety products the most unique and safest on the market.

What You Can Expect

  • BedLock dump safety products provide competitive pricing while ensuring high-quality steel and 100% USA manufacturing.
  • We prioritize customer communication, offering prompt responses to phone, email, or text inquiries.
  • Timely shipments and thorough follow-ups on orders demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Experience You Can Trust

Our BedLock dump safety products continue to lead in security and design. Partner with us today and experience the BedLock difference, a safer and more secure future for dump truck repair and maintenance. See a list of our state-of-the-art dump truck safety equipment and truck body props here.

Contact us to learn more or discuss custom-built truck bed locks.

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