Types of Dump Trucks and How Their Usage and Maintenance Differs

With a market size valued at over USD 15 billion, dump trucks are versatile vehicles widely used across various industries for transporting and unloading materials efficiently. From construction sites to mining operations, different types of dump trucks cater to specific needs. However, regardless of their variations, dump truck safety during repair and maintenance is paramount.

This blog delves into the importance of dump truck safety, but before we do that, let’s understand how various types of dumpers differ.

Various Types of Dump Trucks and Their Uses

Let’s look at dump trucks that come in different configurations, each designed for a specific task.

Standard Dump Truck

  • Raised by a vertical or horizontal hydraulic ram.
  • Chassis with a dump body mounted on the frame.
  • The tailgate can swing up or in a High Lift Tailgate format.

Double And Triple Trailer Bottom Dump Trucks

  • Difficult to back double and triple units.
  • Material can be laid in windrows.
  • A tractor pulls a single-axle semi-trailer with another full trailer.

Haul Truck

  • Used in quarries and large surface mines
    • Has a rigid frame.
    • Large payload capacities.

Articulated Hauler

  • Off-road dump truck has a hinge between the dump box and the cab.
    • All-wheel-drive.
    • Steered via hydraulic cylinders to pivot the tractor.
    • Adaptable to rough terrain.

Semi-Trailer Bottom Dump Trucks

  • Allows laying material in a windrow and is maneuverable in reverse.
  • Has a clamshell-type dump gate
  • 3-axle tractor pulls a 2-axle trailer.

Side Dump Trucks

  • 3-axle tractor pulling a 2-axle semi-trailer with hydraulic rams to tilt the dump body.
  • Enables quick unloading and has a higher weight-carrying capacity.
  • Doesn’t tip over when dumping.

Super Dump Trucks

  • Increases gross weight permitted using the federal bridge formula, up to 80,000 pounds GVW.
  • Straight dump truck rated up to 13,000 pounds for the trailing axle.
  • The trailing axle moves up off the surface of the road when okay to offload or empty.

Winter Service Vehicles

  • Dump trucks modified for winter service with ballast for traction or carrying de-icing agents.

Roll-Off Trucks

  • Carries removable containers but has a hoist and subframe.
    • Loaded on the ground, then pulled onto the truck with a winch and cable.

Semi-Trailer End Dump Truck

  • Typically 3-axle tractor pulls a 2-axle trailer with dual tires.
    • Offers a substantial payload but may not be stable when raised on uneven ground.
    • The hydraulic hoist is within the trailer.

Transfer Dump Truck

  • A standard dump truck that hauls an independent trailer is equipped with a movable cargo container.
  • Maximizes payload capacity with the B box powered by electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic means.

Truck And Pup

  • Like a transfer dump but with a trailer that can self-unload.
  • Provides flexibility for unloading and carrying materials.

Off-Highway Dump Trucks

  • It can have a rigid frame or articulating frame type.
    • Heavy construction equipment for dirt-hauling and mining jobs.
    • Also known as haul trucks in the mining industry.

Understanding the distinct characteristics of each type helps optimize their usage in various industries.

The Importance of Dump Truck Safety during Repair and Maintenance

Regardless of type, the safety of workers and equipment during repair and maintenance must be a top priority. Implementing dump body safety props ensures stability and prevents accidents. BedLock truck bed locks securely hold the dump truck body, allowing technicians to work safely without fearing accident or injury.

Your Trusted Partner for Dump Truck Safety

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